Despite what you may have heard, the Navy is not – in fact – turning to Pornhub as a recruiting tool.

The Zero Blog Thirty podcast claimed on Monday that it appeared the Navy’s social media team was leaving comments on the site letting potential future sailors know how they can join up.

A screenshot from Pornhub obtained by Task & Purpose shows the account’s name is “The_Navy” and it uses the service’s official logo — but the poor grammar and a typo are strong indicators of shenanigans.

Joining the Military photo

“If you are over the age of 18 you are eligible to join the United States Navy,” the comment says. “If you want more information go to The official Navy website.”

The Navy poured a cold shower on this rumor when Task & Purpose asked if service truly was recruiting flesh fantasy aficionados.

“The social media account discussed on the podcast is a fraudulent account with no official connection to the Navy,” said Navy spokeswoman Lt. Cmdr. Megan Isaac. “As a matter of policy, Navy recruiters are not authorized to recruit on pornographic websites.”

Moreover, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service has asked Pornhub to remove the account, a Navy official said.

Pornhub did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Tuesday.

For Pornhub users interested in raising their free hand to swear to protect the Constitution, you can learn more about joining the Navy here.