Welcome to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Pentagon pitch meeting for the Army’s modular M26 shotgun — at least, this is how we imagine it might have played out.

For those who aren’t familiar with the M26, it’s basically like all the other military-issued shotguns except that it does less and is inconveniently located underslung on your M4! Oh-ho, that’s not all, either! The magazine sticks out and makes it impossible to fire from the prone which is a ton of fun as well, and in no way is that an inconvenience or a safety hazard. I mean, who really needs to go into the prone during a firefight. And that’s to say nothing of the M26’s max effective range, and that you’d have more luck hitting your target blindfolded, or that the entire weapon system — from top to bottom — seems like it was designed solely to screw over Joes who are forced to lug it around.

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Written and edited by Chris Cappy. Video editing and co-produced by Rebecca Rosen.