Another year is coming to a close. With it comes another opportunity to look back on impactful stories and significant news events that captured the interest of the American military and veterans community. Some of these moments, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, shocked the world, while others stupefied and astounded, like the time Russian soldiers became trapped inside an elevator during said invasion.

We reported in-depth investigations, from Task & Purpose’s long-form story on the toxic climate within the Air Force’s Wounded Warrior Program to our retrospective on the Afghanistan withdrawal and how veterans from HKIA have coped in the year since the Taliban took control of the country.  

We also highlighted the lighter moments, like when an aircrew landed to pick up a motorcycle in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; or when a soldier decided to rip open a “mystery box” during the Best Ranger Competition because it was simply easier to channel his inner grizzly bear than to follow instructions. 

Join us in taking a look back at some of our favorite Task & Purpose stories over the past year:

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Air Force investigates cargo plane crew for ‘unplanned’ landing to pick up motorcycle in Martha’s Vineyard

Dodge Charger, Challenger discontinued; troops cry out in horror

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Hollywood has spent $16 million training Chris Pratt for war

The Department of Energy had a nuclear commando task force in the 1980s that looked straight out of ‘Counter Strike’

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This Air Force general is well aware that scammers love impersonating him

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