You may be cool, but you’ll never be “strolling through explosions like you’re out for a walk in the park” cool.

A video posted to the Facebook page of Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, shows a Russian soldier walking through a testing range in a bomb suit as explosions go off all around her.

In the April 22 post, Rogozin referenced the science fiction film “Terminator,” calling the cybernetic killing machine a “sad excuse,” compared to the woman in the video.

He’s not wrong.

Walking unflinchingly through the minefield, the tester seems completely unfazed by the explosions going on around her.

According to Maxim, the next-generation bomb suit was designed by Russia’s Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering, part of Russia’s defense industry, and focuses on small arms and non-lethal equipment.

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At the video’s end, the tester nonchalantly pulls off the now blackened hood, and shakes out her long locks of blonde hair, as a man walks up and gives her a bouquet of flowers.