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Navy secretary expands JAG review ordered after the Gallagher fiasco to include Marine Corps

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer's move builds on a review of the Navy's legal system ordered by former Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson on Aug. 1 following the disastrous prosecution of Navy Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Eddie Gallagher, who was acquitted of killing a wounded ISIS fighter but found guilty of posing for an unofficial picture with the man's corpse

Navy reassigns prosecutor caught trying to spy on Gallagher defense team before trial

The Navy has reassigned the lead prosecutor who was caught in an email spying debacle prior to the Eddie Gallagher trial that resulted in the judge removing him from the case. “In an effort to move the [Region Legal Service Office Southwest] Trial Department forward, Capt. Jennie Goldsmith, the new commanding officer, has reassigned the […]

No, SEALs don’t need ‘slack’ from their elite standards

[shortcode-Op-Ed-disclosure] The commander of the US Navy Special Operations Command, Rear Admiral Collin Green, issued a letter to his subordinates last week telling them that there is a problem with discipline within the SEALs that must be addressed immediately. It’s been obvious for awhile that there is something dysfunctional within special operations generally, and naval […]

Top Navy SEAL: ‘We have a problem’

The head of Naval Special Warfare Command reportedly sent a letter to commanders on July 25 proclaiming that “we have a problem,” while urging them to detail what issues they see and provide recommendations by Aug. 7 on how to get the SEAL community off the skyline. “I don’t know yet if we have a […]