Paul Szoldra

Paul Szoldra


Paul Szoldra was the Editor in Chief of Task & Purpose from October 2018 until August 2022. Since joining T&P, he has led a talented team of writers, editors, and creators who produce military journalism reaching millions of readers each month. He also founded and edits Duffel Blog, a popular satirical newsletter for the military. Before becoming a journalist in 2013, he served as a Marine infantryman in Afghanistan, Korea, and other areas of the Pacific. His eyes still go up every time a helicopter from Camp Pendleton flies over his office in Southern California.


  • Extensive experience reporting and editing military news and investigations
  • Writer and editor for Business Insider, Tech Insider, and We Are The Mighty
  • Consultant on Apple TV+ documentary “The Line”


Paul Szoldra began his journalism career as an intern for Business Insider (now Insider) in Jan. 2013. As a reporter and editor at BI, he reported on Marine artillerymen fighting secret battles in Syria, shared the exploits of heroic Army helicopter pilots, and helped smack down the tired excuse of being “too busy to read.” After serving as the West Coast Editor for BI, he became the Executive Editor at We Are The Mighty, helping to launch a new military entertainment brand reaching millions of people. A year later, he helped launch Tech Insider as a cybersecurity correspondent, where he reported on the “Anonymous” collective, Edward Snowden and the NSA, and even accompanied white hat hackers as they broke into a power company for the Amazon documentary “Hacking the Grid.”

Paul joined Task & Purpose in March 2018 with the launch of his reported column, Code Red News, and was later tapped to be the site’s Editor in Chief in October 2018. Aside from setting the editorial tone and direction of T&P, Paul has reported on a whistleblower who fought the Air Force and won, obtained leaked audio of a revered general advising the U.S. “muddle along” in Afghanistan, and showed how the Marine Corps often fails to punish senior officer misconduct and mistreats women in its ranks. He also covered the war crimes case of Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher and was a consultant on the Apple TV+ documentary “The Line.”

Other notable achievements include breaking the news that an Air Force servicemember would receive the Medal of Honor weeks before the official White House announcement and his investigation of an insider attack in Syria that the Pentagon initially denied. Paul was honored for “going above and beyond” for the military community in 2020 as one of “The Mighty 25.”


Paul graduated from The University of Tampa with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship in 2012 and was part of the first cohort of Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators in 2020 at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism in 2021. He also graduated from the Marine Corps School of Infantry, the Formal Schools Instructor Course, and the Marine Combat Instructor Course.

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